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as we look ahead to wednesday night with mitt romney trailing in the polls, the fact that he is sharing the stage with the president of the united states, does this offer a first-time candidate, not first time but in his case but someone who gets all the way to the end there, does it offer that person the credibility and potential bump in the polls just for having shown up and being there at the debate? >> absolutely. because you'll see this guy on the level with an elected president of the united states. that's why lyndon johnson in 1964 and richard nixon as president in 1972 went through huge machinations to make sure there would be no debates. they didn't want to give their opponents that kind of an edge. >> so as you look at history, what has worked and what has not, what do you, michael, see as being the keys to success for each of these two candidates come wednesday? >> well, in barack obama's case assuming that he is leading, essentially do no harm. people have a fairly well-developed view of who he is and what he will say. mitt romney, the degree of difficulty for him in this de
crisis. so all eyes on denver wednesday night. >> mitt romney did very well in nevada during the primaries, so go fixture. we will see more from you later. >>> for more front page polit politics, i'm joined by anne cornbleau and eleanor clift. let's go with you, first, eleanor, just a few days until the presidential debates, so for whom is this debate more important and why? >> romney is behind in the polls, and behind in the battle gowned states so the pressure is on governor romney to change the dynamics of the debate. he's going to help that he can think on his feet and come up with real spontaneous responses, the fact that he's too scripted has actually worked against him. the president has to turn in a work man like performance kind of like he did at the convention, nothing that's spectacular, but nothing that loses him any ground. but a lot of pressure on romney. >> same question to you, wayne, on which one has the more pressure on him factor. >> it's really both, certainly given the way the race has been going, mitt romney has been a lot to prove, this could be a big m
/"wall street journal"/marist polls. do you get any sense of strategy from the mitt romney camp that might break through or do you think they're waiting for wednesday night and the debates to begin? >> the problem is they promised several times to reset the campaign and then reset the reset. but we've seen in the past three weeks since the national conventions have ended there really hasn't been that much of a shift in strategy when it comes to the time that the republican ticket has spent in the top three battleground states of ohio, florida, and virginia. the obama ticket is actually outperforming them in those states. they've held about 29 events in that period compared to about 24 for the republicans. so, while there's a lot of calls for romney and paul ryan to be hitting the trail a little bit more, and to be doing a little bit less fund-raising, you're seeing exactly the opposite happening on the ground. so mitt romney spent yesterday in pennsylvania. that was not exactly a battleground state. they're not even running ads there right now. so it's a little bit of a head scratcher when you t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)